What Makes Video Chatting Portals More Than A Chatting Platform

Video Chat

There is no denying that video chatting portals have been around for a long time. Back when most people were not familiar with modern technology, video chatting was limited to a tech-savvy demographic. However, video chatting platforms have garnered enormous popularity all thanks to the explosion of technological advances. The unexpected emergence of the Covid-19 crisis has also played a key role in the adoption of video chatting platforms. From reputed educational institutions to multinational companies, everyone resorted to video chatting to continue some semblance of normalcy.

Given their ease of use and wide range of intuitive features, video chatting portals are used for chatting purposes by people of all age groups and backgrounds. Be it partaking in fun conversations with friends or staying in touch with them during the pandemic, video chatting is nothing less than a technological boon in today’s age. But have you ever thought about what special purposes video chatting platforms serve? What many of us fail to realize is that video chatting can simplify communication and improve our quality of life to a great extent. Here are the top 7 upsides of video chatting portals that prove they are a lot more than just a chatting platform.

1.  Help build relationships 

Without a doubt, building lasting relationships with people can take a lifetime’s worth of effort and time. Online video chatting portals have emerged as relationship builders that can help you strengthen your bonds with friends, thereby enlivening your day-to-day life. Whether it is a late-night hangout or a family get-together, video chatting platforms give you the golden opportunity to interact with people without stepping out of your home. Having healthy relationships with your friends and family is pivotal for ensuring high happiness levels in life. When you join a video call with your friends or relatives, you can share riddles, reflect over childhood memories and crack jokes to add fun to your meetings.

You can listen to each other’s life journeys to develop understanding and further improve your relationship. Based on your preference, you can make your video sessions last as long as you like. Always remember: the more time you spend with an individual, the more your relationship will strengthen. On top of all this, partaking in face-to-face interactions is a proven way to build personal connections with people who are the dearest to you. One major upside of video chatting portals is that they can bring people together who have not seen each other in years. If

you want to relive old memories, you can reconnect with your childhood friends or college mates on a live video call.

If you are an extroverted individual who loves to meet new people, video chatting may become your favorite thing. The reason being is that video chatting platforms allow users to get in touch with strangers from around the world. This is indeed a great way to expand your social circle and learn about foreign cultures. Chatting with strangers who have similar interests is also bound to broaden your horizons. The nicest thing about video chatting platforms is that they ensure uninterrupted social interactions given that you have decent net connectivity at your place. While some may argue that conversations over calls can also strengthen relations, nothing can match the communication experience offered by video chatting platforms.

2.  Facilitate exchange of ideas 

When you interact with people on live video calls, you get the golden chance to keep your viewpoints forth. In this process, you also get to assimilate new information. The exchange of ideas that takes place can contribute to your intellectual growth and make you a smarter individual. In fact, the exchange of ideas among intellectuals can lead to innovations and discoveries. There are plenty of live video groups that you can join based on your likings, interests, intellectual tastes, etc. Given that the internet is a big place, you will find a large number of people online with the same intellectual preferences as you.

If luck works in your favor, you might develop long-lasting friendships with people whose views coincide with yours. It is guaranteed that exchanging ideas via visual communication will open your mind and increase your scope of knowledge tenfold.

3.  Reduce distance between people 

When distance becomes a barrier and you are unable to stay in touch with people you love, video chatting portals can work wonders for making you feel connected. It is a known fact that the rapid outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic put the lives of millions at stake owing to which social distancing became imperative. Even in times of such adversity, video chatting portals turned out to be a lifesaver by bridging the distance between people and their loved ones. Above all, keeping in constant touch with distant loved ones is a sure shot way to ward off worries and keep your mood lifted. People who live miles away become reliant on video calling for school, work, and socialization purposes.

Video chatting portals are considered a blessing for old people who suffer from physical disabilities that prevent them from traveling. They can easily communicate with their family

members and friends via video calls from the comfort of their homes. If you want to converse with relatives who live out of town but cannot arrange an in-person visit, there is no need to worry. It is so because video chatting platforms can make it possible for you to arrange virtual visits with people from different corners of the world. You just require a laptop or smartphone along with a strong internet connection, and you can connect with people no matter where they are located.

4.  Improve communication

As we all know, phone calls have long been the traditional mode of communication. While phone calls are a convenient way to keep in touch with people, they may not offer the same experience as video calls. What makes video chatting stand out is the fact that it adds a visual element to conversations and makes them more immersive. Over the years, numerous scientific studies have proved that visual information is processed accurately by the human mind. While human beings also excel at retaining information via means of text and audio, video calling can improve communication significantly. Video chatting portals can be incredibly beneficial for people who suffer from sensory impairments like deafness and want to communicate effectively.

In the field of business, clear communication is vital for understanding project requirements and meeting company goals. A majority of business executives agree that video conferencing can greatly improve the quality of communication as well as employees’ level of understanding. Another great advantage of video chatting is that it allows you to study the facial expressions of the person you are conversing with. Phone calls cannot provide you with this benefit and this is their biggest drawback in comparison to video chatting. By reading the facial expressions of people, you can gain a glimpse into their emotional states.

This puts you in a better position to judge the mood of the person at the other end of the video call. It is guaranteed that regularly interacting with people via video chatting will improve your communication skills in the long run.

5.  Save time and money 

Today, we live in a fast-paced world where almost everyone is running short of time, and sustaining relationships is becoming difficult. Since work schedules are incredibly hectic and we are constantly working hard to make a difference, taking out time to meet friends can be a little tough. The hassle is further increased if your buddies live miles away. In such a case, you would have to travel long distances and drive for hours just to reach your destination feeling exhausted to the core. Above all, the travel-related expenses will take a heavy toll on your pocket.

However, you can easily avoid all these hassles by relying on an online video chatting platform. Video chatting portals can save both your valuable time and money by letting you communicate with people from the comfort of your couch.

With a video chatting platform at your disposal, you will no longer have to travel to far-off places to visit your friends. This simply implies that all the time and money that would have otherwise been squandered on travel will get saved. Similarly, companies can also save time and complete business projects faster by hosting meetings on video chatting platforms.

Video conferencing can even be used to interview potential candidates who live in distant locations, thus eliminating unnecessary travel costs. In addition to speeding up the hiring process, video chatting platforms can enable organizations to cut down on recruitment expenses at the same time. Furthermore, several studies suggest that interviews conducted on video chatting platforms tend to deliver much better results than telephonic interviews. Recruiters can talk face-to-face with job seekers in live interviews, to better evaluate the skills of candidates; this allows them to identify the finest talents and filter out unsuitable applicants.

6.  Boost productivity in times of crisis 

It has recently been seen that businesses worldwide are making a shift to remote work models to facilitate uninterrupted progress even in times of the pandemic. We all know that the rise of coronavirus caused millions of people to lose jobs, thus amplifying the employment crisis globally. This is where modern video chatting technology came to the rescue of unemployed people and enabled them to work from home. Now, a majority of companies are leveraging video chatting platforms to master the art of boosting productivity. Instead of communicating project details over emails and conducting lengthy discussions over phone calls, companies can simplify their business operations by using video chatting technology.

When teams work remotely without utilising video conferencing, there are bound to be misunderstandings and delays in business operations. Since video chatting platforms give businesses the ability to collaborate with remote teams in real-time, this ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and the necessary feedback is implemented. What’s more, real-time collaboration via video chatting can streamline business processes for maximum efficiency, thereby giving a major boost to overall productivity.

7.  Promote mental well-being 

It goes without saying that nothing is as important as your mental well-being. Staying away from people you love for prolonged periods of time can bar communication, and make you prone to

loneliness and depressive episodes. The psychological stress resulting from such a situation can have a negative impact on your overall health in the long term. Lack of mental well-being can render you incapable of performing at your best, thereby bringing about a substantial decline in your productivity. However, there is no need to worry as video chatting platforms can help you socialize with your pals so that you do not feel dispirited.

No matter where you live, you can sign up on the video chatting portal of your choice to stay  socially connected at all times. Simply put, video chatting can ease psychological stress by promoting socialization and growing your circle. Socializing online is linked with lifelong emotional benefits that can boost your physical health as well. Remaining socially connected with friends not only uplifts your spirits but also gives you a deep sense of satisfaction that can bring a wide smile to your face. Virtual meetups via video chatting portals are believed to sharpen memory and overall thinking skills, and may even prolong your lifespan.

There was a time when video calling was deemed futuristic, something people could have only dreamed of. The good news is that rapid technological growth has transformed this dream into reality. In today’s era, video chatting has become an integral part of daily communication in almost every sphere of life. With millions of people relying on online communication, video chatting portals have taken the world by storm. Besides breaking down the distance barrier, chatting portals can come in handy for enriching your life. Leading video chatting platforms like Paltalk have a lightweight design which allows for access on even the most basic smartphones and laptops. Paltalk allows people to build friendships across the internet simply by signing up on the platform. Therefore, ensure you give Paltalk a try to reap the aforementioned benefits and appreciate the true potential of chatting portals.