Virtual Dating Gets Better With Video Chatting Portals

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Online dating or virtual dating has been around for over a decade now. However, unlike earlier, when online dating was associated with desperate people wanting to hook up with somebody, this era has seen a positive change in the online dating scenario. An increasing number of youngsters are looking at online dating as a mainstay for finding life partners. Technology has also evolved, allowing for better and safer platforms.

There has been a sharp rise in video chatting portals in the last couple of years, especially after the Corona pandemic hit the world by storm. In fact, in the US, about 30% of the population have used a virtual dating portal at some point in time. Let’s find out what makes virtual dating through video chatting portals so popular.

How does the online dating world function? 

The proverbial “village matchmaker” that everyone has heard of in stories does not exist anymore. In today’s age of technology, dating has taken the online route with numerous dating apps and websites. Of late, video chatting portals like Paltalk have also gained momentum in playing cupid. Millennials have taken to this format of dating very well, with some joining multiple different video chatting portals.

Online dating sites have a database of people who have signed into it. You give your preferences for partners and make a profile with your likes and dislikes. People can search for your profile through these websites and if both parties connect, they can start chatting. Most of the video chatting portals offer certain basic services for free and charge a fee for the add-on services.

It would help if you did thorough study and research before deciding on any one of the websites. The best way to go about is to read reviews of other users and read their privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Must-haves in a virtual dating portal 

It is essential to be prudent while choosing a video chatting portal as many fraudsters are waiting to nab innocent people and extract personal details from them. Here is a checklist you must follow while doing your research.

1.   Safety and security 

This is the utmost important feature of any online video chatting portal or online dating site. You should lookout for a website that has stringent security guidelines and allows end-to-end encryption. Check if they follow Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation or California’s Consumer Privacy Act.

These policies make the video chatting portals transparent with no information shared with third-party users. All the security information is given in the privacy policy or the terms and conditions section, so please read through them carefully. It is best to be aware beforehand than to be taken by surprise.

2.   Multilingual support 

Many times users are not familiar with English and find it tough to communicate with people on these video chatting portals. To aid with this, many apps have started supporting different languages. For instance, Paltalk, a US-based video chatting portal, supports 17 languages. This ensures that you have a wider audience and it helps connect with a more global crowd.

3.   Feature-heavy apps 

With online video chatting, the scope of conversation has increased. There are many different ways to connect with your date then just simple conversation. Video chatting portals like Paltalk have virtual games and stickers to add a fun element to conversations. You can also share audio clippings, pictures, videos and more files. These alternatives make conversations more interesting and give an opportunity to understand each other’s interests.

4.   Multi-platform support 

Look out for video chatting portals that are supported by different platforms, including iOS, Windows and Android so that in case you decide to change your operating service, you don’t have to discontinue the connections you’ve already made. Another vital thing to do is to continuously update the video chatting portals to the latest versions so that they do not take up too much space and their speeds are up to the mark.

5.   Variety of chatting options 

Search for video chatting portals that offer different formats of chatting from texting, audio calls to video calls and chat room options. These help you ease into a relationship with a stranger. You can start with text messages and gradually move on to audio calls and then video calls.

At times, some video chatting portals also have chat room options that allow you to meet a group of people in public chat rooms. These are not meant for dating but you can always find a like-minded person in such a space who could later become a potential life partner.

The idea is to shortlist such video chatting portals as they will give you the freedom to choose.

How do video chatting portals make virtual dating better? 

Now that you know all about online dating and the must-haves to look for while choosing one, you may be wondering why there is such a boom in video chatting portals for dating in the first place. Here is why video chatting portals have become a preferred choice for dating.

1.   Anonymity

 Most video chatting portals allow you to maintain your anonymity till such time that you are comfortable. You don’t need to share any of your personal details, including your picture. You can look out for prospective dates and start chatting with them without having to divulge your identity. This will help you ease into a conversation and be sure of the person’s genuineness before you give him/her access to your personal information.

2.   Plethora of sharing options

 Modern video chatting portals are not only about talking or chatting. There can be many dimensions to the conversations through file sharing. Many of these portals allow you to share images, videos and audio clippings with each other. This helps you know more about the other person and it also helps make the chats more exciting and vast. For instance, you can share your favorite music playlist and see if your date has a similar interest in music. You could share some interesting TED talks or movies too and have discussions about them later. It gives a roundness to conversations.

3.   Entertainment options

 The new video chatting portals have fun ways of interaction. For instance, Paltalk has video filters that can tweak your look and make you look different. Imagine dressing up like a cowboy or looking like your favorite diva. You can up your style quotient with these filters too. Get ready to dress up for your date and hide those blemishes or the dark circles from long hours at work. Try out the beach glow and get your hair straightened with the magical filters. Besides these video filters, there are some fun voice filters too. You can apply these filters and joke around with your date.

Some of the video chatting apps also have virtual gifts and stickers to share with each other. These add some romance in your online dating space and also work as icebreakers in the beginning. You can use the stickers to emote in an engaging way and make your online communication more enjoyable.

Gaming is another feature that many of the video chatting portals offer. It is an enjoyable way to spend a weekend with your date. It is a virtual version of going to a sports bar or bowling alley. You can use the video chatting portals to play any of the games on the online platform like virtual pool, scrabble and more. These make your date nights fun and exciting and a tad different from the plain talks.

4.   Adding backgrounds

 Another fun feature many of the video chatting apps have is the ability to change backgrounds. Keep a background of a beach as you sip on some sangria and get the feel of being next to the ocean as you talk to your love interest. You can change the backdrop to a starlit night or a camping site near a river to make things more romantic. These are just ways and means to add some spark into your online dating life.

5.   Cost-effective

 Most of the video chatting portals are light on the pocket. They offer an initial free trial period that lets you check the services of the portal. Thereafter, many of them offer the basic services for free, with a premium on additional features. You can choose any paid plan to meet your financial requirements, making it a great choice for different budgets. This works out much cheaper than going on a real date where you have to spend on fuel, a meal with or without drinks and some gift for your date.

6.   A wide choice

 You have a wider choice of people in video chatting portals since there is a database already within the app. You can put in your preferences and choices and find a suitable match. All this is done sitting in the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of linking up with your friend’s acquaintance or a family member’s relation. Now you can search for yourself, giving specifications about the kind of person you are looking for. Most often, you find a suitable match as there are filters that show up only like-minded people.

7.   You decide the pace

 Online dating allows you to choose the pace at which you want to proceed with the relationship. You have complete control over things as there are no social obligations of meeting

the person in real life. This eases things for both parties. You can go slow and if you hit off well, you can proceed further at the pace you wish.

8.   Convenience

 The main positive of online dating through video chatting portals is the convenience of meeting a person without making any effort. You can be comfortable in your home as you look for a probable date. You needn’t even go on actual dates. Plus, you can have all the perks of dating like interactions, exchange of files and have healthy discussions.

In the present times of COVID-19, it is a huge boon as the world still imposes some form of social distancing. You don’t have to miss out on dating because of it. In fact, online dating is great, as it takes away from the boredom and loneliness without putting your health at risk.

9.  Expands the reach

 Online dating through video chatting portals is no longer restricted to finding someone from your locality or city. Now you can go global and interact with anybody from any part of the world. You may be sitting in the US, but you can find a like-minded person sitting in India with similar interests and outlook. Isn’t that wonderful?

10.    Time-saving

 Dating can be quite a time consuming activity if you go the traditional way, as you need to take your time to plan a date and then physically meet your date. Imagine wading through traffic, waiting for your table at a restaurant and then spending time with your date. However, with video chatting you can meet the person anytime without actually stepping out of your home. You save on money, time and energy – a triple whammy!


 Dating has taken a new turn in the 21st century. It has opened up new doors for people seeking love, especially in COVID-19 times. It has helped many strangers connect without the fear of their safety being threatened. Virtual dating through video chatting portals has made reel-life connections more real-life. So if you are looking for a partner or a companion, get on to one of the popular video chatting portals after having done a thorough study and you will surely find your mate.