Maintaining Social Distancing Through Video Chats In Times Of Corona

Video Chat Room

It has been a year since COVID-19 hit the world and turned life upside down. Since then, life has taken a complete turn for children and adults alike. Travel has come to a halt and other routine things like going out for a movie, meeting friends for dinner, and even going on dates seem like a distant dream. Though social distancing norms have been relaxed in some places, people are still wary of stepping out and getting back to what was once everyday life.

In the last year, people’s relationship with their phones and smart gadgets has also changed. For hundreds of millions of people under lockdown, the world has shrunk to their homes and smart gadgets. Today, an increasing number of people use these devices to run their lives, from buying groceries to watching movies and even connecting with old friends and making new ones. In this era of the corona pandemic, there has been a massive surge in the use of video chatting portals. People are flocking to these apps in a bid to make their isolated, lonely lives more enjoyable without being worried about the dreaded coronavirus. Let’s find out more about this paradigm shift in communication and connection.

Begin your bond with video chatting portals 

Today, the internet is burgeoning with video chatting apps, each offering better features than the other. In this case, how do you find one that fulfils all your needs and is safe at the same time? The best way to go about it is to do thorough research and shortlist a few apps based on the following criteria.

1.  Safety first 

One of the most critical aspects while hunting for a video chatting portal is to see the safety features. With so many online frauds taking place, it is imperative to have an app that focuses on security and offering stringent firewalls. Always read the privacy policies of the app before deciding and check if the calls are end-to-end encrypted. This will ensure that no third party or even the video chatting portal can be a part of the conversations. Some of the top video chatting portals like Paltalk protect the user under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. Look out for such apps.

2.  Anonymity 

Video chatting can be an intimidating experience initially as you are talking to a stranger with whom you may not be comfortable sharing personal information. For such introverts, apps like

Paltalk have an anonymity feature that allows you to retain your identity till you are comfortable. This will help you get more comfortable and confident about speaking with strangers. It also works as a great security measure

3.  Compatibility with all operating solutions 

Another vital feature to look out for when hunting for video chatting apps is its compatibility with operating solutions. Imagine you have an Android phone and plan to switch to an iPhone, but the video chatting app is not compatible with the latter. All your effort to find a good app and make friends will go in vain. So it is best to find only those apps that offer complete compatibility across platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

4.  Easy file sharing 

Video chatting is not only about speaking and chatting with people. Today, many apps offer file sharing features to exchange audio messages or music, videos and documents with your friends and family. It is a great way to keep your family informed about the latest happening in your life and also a nice way to interact with strangers. It helps them know about you and your interests. Video chatting apps like Paltalk allow easy and fast file-sharing of all kinds making conversations more interactive and enjoyable.

5.  Multi-lingual 

Don’t be restricted by language while video chatting as you have the entire world to connect with. Go in for those apps that give you the freedom to chat in many languages. It will open the doors for more friendships.

6.  Feature-heavy 

Since video chatting is the only means of communication and connection today with social distancing norms still in place, it is best to find a video chatting app with many features. For instance, Paltalk has lively chat rooms where you can socialize and have conversations with many people at one time. You can also have live group video calls to connect with your friends and strangers in real-time. Besides that, Paltalk has some fun video filters and effects that help you amp up your style quotient before a virtual date night or get set for a retro theme virtual party. All these features make video chatting fun and exciting.

Things to relish through video chatting apps 

Video chatting apps have gained momentum in the last year, with people downloading the best ones to keep the social distancing life a tad more active and exciting. Today, these apps have a

gamut of features that have altered the way you can communicate. You can now have a more interactive experience using these features, from having a simple exchange of text messages and video calls. So it’s time to make your pandemic life slightly more normal with these fun features.

1.  Chat rooms 

Most of the video chatting portals have public and private chat rooms. Both these forms of communication are enjoyable. As the name suggests, private chat rooms are for one-on-one conversations with a person. This can be enjoyable if you are looking for a date or speaking with your old friend or relative sitting across the globe. But if you get bored with these intimate chat sessions, you can always jump into a public chat room. Popular video chatting apps like Paltalk have a plethora of choices in this, where you can find like-minded people to have debates and discussions or even use it for professional networking. You can choose chat rooms as per your interests and hobbies. For instance, those interested in music can go in for music chat rooms while foodies can choose a nice gourmet-related one. Dive into the sea of chat rooms and you will definitely find one that piques your interest.

2.  Fun filters and effects 

Are you bored of those everyday conversations about the pandemic, weather and life in general? Spice up those video chats with some cool filters and effects. Leading video chatting apps like Paltalk have unique video filters that can alter the way you look and make you look glamorous. Use them for a virtual date night or an all-friends weekend bash. If you are planning a theme party, try out the retro theme filter. Some video chat apps also allow you to distort images like a fun-house mirror or have frog eyes with a click of a button. It is fun and peppy, adding some much needed color to those boring nights at home.

Some of them also have interesting voice filters that you can use to fool around with friends and families. Get ready to play a prank on any of your friends and watch their reactions.

3.  Gaming weekends 

You may not be able to watch your favorite football team playing in the stadium but now you can play virtually with your mates through video chatting apps. Spend fun weekends playing exciting games remotely and have healthy competitions, while also winning rewards and gifts. Check out the app Bunch, where you and your friends can do a live group video chat while playing virtual games like Scrabble, Uno, and more. Even Houseparty has some exciting games for both adults and kids. So it’s time to finish up all those house chores and work meetings and get set for a fun weekend with your friends!

4.  Movie binging with pals 

The movie theaters are not yet opened up, but that does not mean you cannot watch movies. Get the same feel like in a theatre, sitting at home through amazing video chatting apps like Discord. The app has a live streaming option. So all you have to do is join a voice room and click Go Live. Choose the browser to stream from and you are set for a fun movie night. Invite your friends, get a big glass of Coco-Cola and some french fries and get the feel of a movie theatre. You can also check out some other video streaming apps like Kast to watch your favorite shows on YouTube and Netflix.

5.  Take a virtual holiday 

You may not be able to travel at this moment due to the continuing pandemic effects, but virtual travel is on. Now you can travel the world with friends and family and not spend a fortune on it thanks to apps like Personify. It allows you to explore a place digitally, taking you through the vineyards of Italy and the Rocky Mountains in the US, and so much more. So get ready to have a fun-filled virtual ride before you make a physical trip to these places.

6.  Have a digital makeover 

Get into the character of your favorite Star Wars hero or dress up like a beautiful princess, using the props available on some of the video chatting apps. Google Hangouts lets you deck up and become these fun characters, prepping you for the next virtual theme party. This is a fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday too. Call all their friends and keep a theme. Ask them to use the props on the video chatting portals to get into the character and let them have a blast.

Some of the apps like ICQ have the option of 3D masks too. For instance, the Halloween masks of a horrible pumpkin, scary witch, and more. These spooky masks will give you the real feel of festive cheer. Take a selfie in these masks and ask your friends to do the same. Share them on social media and have your virtual Halloween celebration.

7.  Create fun backgrounds 

Add some color to your conversations on video chatting portals with innovative backgrounds. There is a wide range of backgrounds to choose from. If you feel like being by the beachside, choose one with water in the background. Go in for snow-clad mountains when you feel like skiing. These backgrounds change the mood of the conversation and add more topics to speak about.

Some guidelines while chatting 

All these fun features are a great way to connect with friends and family, as well as forge new bonds. However, one needs to be vigilant about sharing information as fraudsters are waiting to hack into accounts and cause trouble. Here are some simple guidelines to follow while having fun with this new mode of communication.

1.  Do not share personal information 

Abstain from sharing personal information about yourself in the initial days of meeting someone new. Get to know the person better and then feel free to share pictures, your address and phone number. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

2.  Do not download files from strangers 

You might meet many strangers in public chat rooms who will share files of all formats with you. Be wary of them and do not download any file till you are clear of the stranger’s intentions.

3.  Keep conversations casual and fun 

Video chatting is a stress buster and a way to connect with people far and wide. Keep this activity casual and fun. Do not get into serious discussions that can hurt the sentiments of people.


Socialization is essential for all human beings. It is akin to our basic needs of hunger and sleep. However, with the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus, the standard format of meeting new people and forging bonds as well as keeping in touch with family and friends has changed. Leverage modern technology and use video chatting portals like Paltalk for rekindling relationships and forming new ones. So go ahead and find your favorite video chatting portal to beat those COVID-19 blues.