Friends in Quarantine: Keep In Touch, Keep Informed

There’s plenty to be worried about with the coronavirus COVID-19 spreading around the world, especially if you have old or immunocompromised loved ones, or, you know, a deep fondness for pharmacy-brand hand sanitizer. Many people have friends in quarantine or loved ones who cannot leave the house. However, news sites, government agencies, and even the odd liquor company are constantly to be addressing how best to keep yourself physically healthy and protected from the virus. We recommend you read the official statements if you haven’t already.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Worst

Most of us have heard the advice by now: wash your hands (from A to Z, no rushing); don’t touch your face (apparently an international passtime); and avoid crowded areas and “coughy”/”sneezy” people as much as possible (cue the existential dread of every commuter in this writer’s New York City office). 

But once we’ve made ourselves as safe as possible, then what? Life goes on, and there’s only so much isolation we can take — in quarantine or outside it. It’s hard to feel connected when your own government warns you against socialization. If you’re worried about going outside, have friends in quarantine, or can’t visit family without subjecting yourself to other people as you travel, there are solutions. You can stay in touch with those close to you and learn the latest developments worldwide.

World Wide Wondering

As seen with other global events throughout the past decade, social media is a place to obtain, disseminate, and discuss important information and relevant updates, whatever the topic du jour. Coronavirus COVID-19 is no exception. Youtube, an industry front-runner and long-standing option in these situations, hosts thousands if not millions of videos on the topic. They describe the virus’s symptoms, social and personal methods to combat its spread, and even first-hand accounts of quarantines and government action. Additionally, some of the younger generations have taken to the popular video-sharing app TikTok to share their quarantine stories and knowledge. 

The problem is, both of these platforms are primarily asynchronous. That means that interactions and discussions about the content don’t happen in real time. We all know that comment sections are notoriously unreliable. Moreover, the only way to broadcast live on Youtube and Tiktok is to have 1000+ followers already. This makes it difficult for citizen reporters and the everyday affected to share their knowledge and experiences in an active and efficient way.

Quarantined? Questions?

While Paltalk often promotes itself as a way to connect with strangers, we’re also an excellent means of contacting loved ones, communicating with professionals, and spending time with friends — all without leaving the house. Plus, connecting with strangers in such situations of global unrest lets you pool knowledge and share or cross-reference resources, too. 

If you are confined indoors, by your own choice or legal mandate, sick or well, Paltalk’s live and real-time chat features let you communicate via text, audio, and/or video to friends, acquaintances, family, strangers, and experts. Have a pressing question for your friends in quarantine about which fever-reducers are best? Need to know how often a stuffy nose means something more? Just want to see your parents’ faces without putting them in danger of second-hand contact with a virus carrier? Our chat rooms and direct messaging features are for you.

Don’t Panic

Preparation and dedication to recommended hygiene practices are the best way for you to avoid the impact of COVID-19 yourself. To protect others and keep yourself up to date, try Paltalk, connecting millions of members even when you’re sick in bed. Stay safe. Stay informed.